13 Reasons Why You Should Date JavaScript

13 Reasons Why You Should Date JavaScript

Once you start dating Javascript, there's no going back!

I have been in love with Javascript from the day I started learning it and it's been around 1 year since I have been working on it, trust me my love for this language keeps increasing exponentially. I have explored various domains and worked on different frameworks from time to time. My main motive for writing this blog is to convince you to learn Javascript once. So, here are my personal "13 reasons why" for dating Javascript

1. Javascript is versatile

Javascript is a versatile language. You can work on the client-side (frontend) + also on the server-side (backend). You can also develop web, mobile, and desktop apps using React.js, React Native, and Electron, and you can even get involved in machine learning. " Once you start dating Javascript the possibilities are endless."

2. Javascript community

It doesn't matter what are you building whether it's a simple web application or a big fat Saas product if you're stuck anywhere you are just a minute away from finding a solution. It's just like when you take the help of your friend to impress your partner. So you have " Many friends to sort your fight with Javascript."

3. Javascript and Its fun applications

Do you know? Thanos.Js is an open-source library of Javascript which randomly deletes half of the files from your folder. No use of such lib, right? But it's fun building such lib, No? So " Javascript is not just for practical adults it's for the kids too."

4. Javascript is everywhere

You can use JavaScript in machine learning, artificial intelligence, game development and cyber security and it not just stops here you will find Javascript beyond the traditional Internet too, It powers smart televisions, and works with the internet of things (IoT). So, " You say "Love Is In The Air" well Javascript is too."

5. Javascript is easy to learn

The reason so many people know Javascript is because it's one of the most natural languages to learn. Unlike the other high-level languages, Javascript has more of a natural feel. In other words, " You don't need a PhD to date JavaScript."

6. Javascript can give you a secure job

After all, in the end, we all want a secure relationship with our partner, well in that case Javascript doesn't disappoint you. Due to the wide range of usage of Javascript, developers are in high demand from small startups to big companies. Dating Javascript opens a lot of career opportunities, from remote freelancing to a full-time position. So, " Javascript comes with an assurance which you may not find in your other relationships."

7. Everyone loves Javascript

86% of full-stack developers rely on Javascript and trust me no existing language can replace this. Javascript is embedded in every inch of the Internet and everyone enjoys working on it. So, " why not date someone who's loved by everyone even your parents!!"

8. Javascript can make you an animator

Javascript animations can handle things that CSS can’t. You can make some cool in-browser animations with the help of Javascript using some incredible graphics. Yeah, yeah! you are not going to become Disney, but it's a start. " Dating Javascript enhances your abilities."

9. Javascript helps you with documentation

Javascript can help you in building user-friendly and engaging documentation for your product. Yeah, you heard me right! you can build flexible dynamic documentation using React-based tools like Docusaurus or Readme. So, " As I said dating JavaScript enhances your abilities."

10. Control people with Javascript

The whole point of becoming a developer is to shape user interactions, and there's no better way to do that than with Javascript. If you love watching users interact with sites and apps, Javascript will allow you to shape the way they think. So, " Dating Javascript gives you super-powers."

11. Javascript in Web3

Web3 - The hottest topic nowadays, So can we use Javascript in web3? Yes, definitely you can use Javascript for the backend solution of blockchain technology and work with Ethereum smart contracts. As I said " Love Is In The Air" well Javascript is too."

12. Find Bugs, Make Money

Since Javascript is such a popular language, companies pay people to look for bugs in their code. You can make money through their bug bounty programs. The pay can vary but the pay is pretty good. " Find mistakes and make money, does it happens in your relationships? "

13. Reason? No Reason

Well, you don't need a reason to love someone so with Javascript. I love Javascript and I’m confident that you’ll like it too. And who knows " maybe Javascript is your The One."

By the way what should be my next blog about...Dating Javascript developers?? 😄😄Ha Ha!! Okay so I hope you get my message through this article I will be happy if it helps you in any way possible. Well wait for the next Sunday for another article, you can comment your suggestions below. Thank You! 👋🏼

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